Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Dear Sammy

Dear Sammy,

For the past few days you have been very fussy. The mornings seemed okay however the afternoons were miserable. I had no idea what was wrong with you. On Friday you told Daddy that your ear hurt. However, later that day you said your toe had a boo boo so we wrote it off. Sorry for that mistake little man!

Yesterday you got up from your nap around 4. Mommy was busy cleaning out the fridge. You were pretty fussy but willing to sit and play with your toys. A few minutes before 5 we sat down to play on the computer. You climbed up in my lap. You were cuddly.. this is rare for you. You snuggled up your little head on my neck and you were HOT!! Like 103.4 fever HOT! You then told me ear ouch!

We made a call into the pediatrician's office and they set us up with walk in hours. The good news your ears looked perfect! The bad news you have a viral infection in your throat that we just have to wait out.

I am glad to report that even this morning my sweet Sammy is slowly returning. You still have a low grade fever but your attitude is much improved! Daddy and I are glad to know that you aren't just going through a fussy phase but your actually fussy for a reason :-P