Monday, August 31, 2009

Monday Miscellanea

Had a great weekend this weekend! Saturday we got a huge project completed that had been hanging over our heads for months! We celebrated with a thin mint blizzard and a tagalong blizzard yum!

Sammy's vocabulary is never ceasing to amazing me. Some of the words he says are adorable I never want him to pronounce them correctly.. but I know that in time he will. Some new words he has added recently:

-ow -side (outside)
-paw-per (paper)
-Grey (Greg)
-Babey (Bradley)
-moan (moon)
-bah boo (boo boo)
-warrer (water)
-meelk (milk)
-ooohhh my
-puuupule (this is what he calls blue)
-blue (color)
-grin (green)
-memo (is Nemo, Elmo, and email)
-cc (tv)
-Bob (vegetales or the radio)
-juice (juice)
-night night (a bed or sleeping)

That's all I can think of this early in the morning.

We leave on Saturday for the beach!! I am so excited for a little vacation time with the family!

Tim's brother Greg came over for dinner yesterday. Sammy usually sees him for a few minutes when he is over at his grandma's on Monday's. But not for very long. When Greg came over yesterday Sammy did not leave his side the whole time. He was either sitting on Greg's lap, holding his finger or getting him to play with him. It was so cute! This is the first time that Sammy has really "attached" to someone and it was super sweet!

I got the results back from my MRI on Friday night and was given a clean bill of health! The nurse left a message so I haven't received the full report but everything looked okay!! Whoohooo

I went to a local book fair yesterday and got some really great books and coloring books for Sammy. They actually had a good number of Christmas books with activities in them. I am now all excited to do some Christmas crafts with Sammy :-)

How was your weekend.. whats on your mind?