Thursday, August 27, 2009


So I just had an great conversation with my sister about preschool/activities/etc. I now have a lot of planning to do for the fall! I didn't think Sammy was ready for preschool this fall. All of his sudden his language has been developing and his confidence growing. So now I am trying to get him involved in some activities with some other kids to help him develop these skills.

So my question is when did you send your kids to preschool? Or when are you going to be sending them? What other activities do you have your kids in?


Katie said...

Not yet. He's 2. Play time is the best school at this point in my opinion. Or play time with mommy.

Amanda said...

Callum started what we call anti-pre school when he was 3. Now he's 4 he's in pre-school. It's been really good for him. He will start school next August when he turns 5.
Good Luck with your decision! You'll know yourself when Sam's ready.

Amanda x

amanda said...

we do storytime once a week and then later this fall we are going to try a little tumble class.

as for preschool? not until waaaaay later for us! i want to keep her home and snuggle and play as much as possible!

Terra said...

Both of my girls went 2 mornings a week at 2 1/2 - they were at preschool that you had to be potty trained before you could start and they had to be 2 1/2 to start as well. This school has been awesome for the girls - both went for different reasons - L needed more challenging stimulation than I could give her she was a sponge and craved constant learning and I needed a bit of a break - H started at the same age but because she was craving the "friends" begging to go to school (because big sis was in school) - at 3 1/2 I switched each of them to 3 mornings (3 hours each morning) and that is how it stayed till KG!

Each family/child has different needs and I would trust your gut with Sammy - that is really all a mother has. I would seek out Preschools not day cares though if it were me!!!

Becca @ The Texas Darlings said...

My kids went to a Mother's Day out 3 times a week when they were about 2. I wanted them to gt the social interaction, learn to follow directions for a teacher, and start to learn ABCs and 123s. It was great for them!! They loved it!!


Bonnie said...

My older son started when he was 3 (he's a Feb bday). My younger son was 4 because he had a Sept bday and he wasn't potty trained in time!

Clare said...

You are doing a great job with Sammy!! i know he is learning so much from you at home, we had a great time today, xo, clare

Mary@notbefore7 said...

My girls went to a one day a week preschool for me to have a break. (as you know...I homeschool) I think preschool is a GREAT option - maybe 2 days at the age of 3 adn 3 days at 4?

Mine liked gymnastics to burn off energy!

laura said...

an interesting topic of conversation!

carolina's new school cut-off date is august 30th, so sydney and her october birthday definitely cannot start a 2-year old preschool program this fall. i am bummed, but we do have her enrolled in a parents' morning out program 2 days a week. she has been going since she was 8 months old. i love love love it. and more importantly, sydney loves it too.