Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Take a Tylenol and Call me in the Morning

Well whatever Sammy had hit Tim and I on Friday. It was awful! I am done whining (I think). Since both of the adults were sick we have created a few new rules in our house:

1. Both adults are no longer allowed to be sick at the same time
2. In case someone breaks rule number 1 we have a new baby sister name Olevia.. whats that she's a TV.. well desperate times call for desperate measures.
3. Mommy doesn't cook when she is sick go stock up on pre-made things!
4. Don't get sick the day you intend to go to the grocery store for 2 weeks.
5. The house is allowed to be a wreck when everyone is sick.

How was everyone's weekend? Any other rules you guys have in your house for when everyone is sick?

An update on Sammy.. he had a low grade fever again yesterday. They drew some blood to make sure it wasn't a bacterial infection and it isn't so that is good news. So hopefully his poor little body/throat can kick it soon!