Tuesday, September 14, 2010

We're Back

We had an amazing trip to the beach! The weather was AMAZING! We didn't get any rain and only a half day where it was overcast! We had so much fun and I took way to many pictures :-P I will post them soon. They are all currently still on my camera!

We started preschool at home today and it went surprisingly well. I am definitely going to work on how I present the materials so Sammy has a little more choice in the order we do things but other than that it went smoothly.

I had a super fun lunch date with my sister and her kiddos and a trip together to target. Clare joked that we needed some circus music to go along with us walking around the store. The boys had fun entertaining themselves and miss Ellie was as content as can be :-)

I have a ridiculously large number of things to get caught up on... so I will give you my list of to dos for the rest of today:
  • Catch up on the pile of laundry left from the trip
  • Clean some in the family/dinning room
  • Make dinner
  • Prep for school work tomorrow
  • Babysit some friends kiddos while they go out on a date
  • Catch up on blogs
  • Catch up on work for my part time job :-P
I know that was super entertaining to read ;-) I promise to get some beach pictures up tomorrow :-)