Friday, January 14, 2011

Preschool Corner–Snow/ Winter Theme

Well we got  a few things done last week even though Sammy was sick with a cold and shared it with the family!  Here are a few things I got pictures off and yes he is wearing his jammies in all of them! 


Counting out snowflakes to put on the snow scene I drew up:


I just drew the snowman with some white chalk and markers.  I then created counting cards from 0-15.  Sammy can count to 12 so this helped him practice all the way to 12 and get a little more familiar with the next few numbers:


We played a few rounds of Don’t Break the Ice:


We read How to Build A Snowman in Sammy’s tent:


Then we made a snowman with cotton balls:  Sammy drew the hat onto the top and I did the face features since it was hard to do on the cotton balls.  Sammy added the snowflakes from ripped up cotton balls I love them!


We put a mitten on one hand and left the other one bare.  We then help ice cubes and talked about which hand was colder and which ice cube melted faster.  This didn’t last real long since Sammy’s hand got cold and he went and got his other mitten so he could play with the ice Smile with tongue out


We used watercolors to paint paper towels.  I saw the idea here.  I used white crayons to make some snowflakes and and a snowman.  (Excuse Sammy’s breakfast bowl in the background I hadn’t cleaned up breakfast yet):


We read all of our winter stories in Sammy’s tent:


We also played in our sensory bin:


-cotton balls

-home made “snowballs” (yarn pom poms)

-pipe cleaner snowflakes

-popsicle eraser

-fake snow flakes

-blue and white sparkly pom poms


Here are some of the books we read to go along with the theme:

We will be doing a winter/snow theme this whole month so there will be more ideas coming up next week!


Itsy Bitsy Learners said...

I arrived via the Preschool Corner Linky ... I love the paper towel and watercolr activties! It turned out so pretty!

Michelle said...

What a week of fun!!!! I Love all of the activities :-)

phasejumper said...

Love the paper towel art!

Jen said...

It looks like you had a lot of fun! I had so much fun when I was doing preschool lessons at home with my little ones. Now they are all in elementary school - I miss it. We had a blast, and it looks like you are as well.

littlewondersdays said...

Wow, looks like a pretty busy week! I love your math and crayon resist art. We live in jammies half the time. Have a great weekend.

Rebecca said...

LOVE the paper towel painting! Ive never seen this before!

Christin said...

Oh I love the painting on paper towel idea! :)

What a wonderful theme--the snowmen. Very fun!!

Thanks for stopping by Joyful Mothering :)

sarahssweeties said...

I love the painting, too! Looks like you both had a good week!

Theresa said...

love your winter theme, especially the paper towel watercolors, so colorful! :)
looks like Sammy got a haircut too!

Jenny said...

Way to go on the counting sammy!

Terra said...

I love your paper towel art. and all those books. you know I love those!!!

Michelle said...

This looks so much fun! :)

I would love if you could stop by each Friday and add your toddler related posts on our high paw linky:

Donette said...

you had some awesome ideas...i sometimes wish we got snow so that we do some of these!

melodysadventures said...

We should be comfy when we're learning and exploring right? ;) love all the activities. We'll have to try out that paper towel one too.

Bonnie said...

How fun he got to read in his tent. I love the paper
towel watercolor art! My boys used to love to play "Break the Ice."

Jackie H. said...

It all looks so fun!! I love the watercolors on the papertowels.

Jolanthe said...

How fun!! The snowman and counting snowflakes is so easy ~ but GREAT!!!!

Dawn said...

I love that papertowel art! It's saved in my Google Reader until I have time to try that with Alex. Very cool!

Lauren said...

Great Sensory Bin! I also love the paper towel art! We are going to have to give that a try!

Krystyn said...

Wow. You rock. I would never think to do like 99.9% of that stuff!

We really like Bear Snores On...I need to find it.