Monday, April 16, 2012

Getting the Garden Ready

Tim, Sammy and I got our above ground beds ready last month.  We then talked about what plants we wanted to grow and Sammy drew pictures of the things he would like to grow!


He then put them in different pots and beds around the yard.  Some of the things Sammy wanted to grow were tomatoes, strawberries, cucumbers, and macaroni and cheese (hehe).


Frizzy hair day:


A real smile.. they melt my heart:


Our birdfeeder was broken from being in the sun so much.  Sammy really wanted to feed the birds so we made our own bird feeder:


Tickle time:


I am not sure if we ever showed a finished picture of the swing set:


Tipsy loves when we hang out in the backyard:


The view from our deck:


Handsome blue eyed boy:



melismama said...

Love the bird feeder!

Terra said...

oh man, ending with that picture makes me forget all the ones that came before it. Ok not really, but seriously...those eyes!

Natalie said...

He does have a great smile! Good luck with the beans and peas are doing well but I had to start over on some tomatoes and cucumbers b/c of the cold snap we had. Hopefully the seeds will make it or I'm going to the store to just buy the plants!

Jenny said...

He had me a mac and cheese! Such cuteness from Sammy.

We are going to do a garden too...this will be our first attempt! Good luck with yours...can't wait to see the results.

laura said...

love that you can see the mountains from your backyard! heaven! and those blue eyes -- precious!

amanda said...

love the last picture!! and the mountains in the back ground? amazing!! happy garden season :)

Jolanthe Erb said...

love that last picture!!!!!!!!! Oh my word, cuteness!

Clare said...

the last picture is AWESOME!!! love those big blue eyes!!

Sarah said...

Love the pictures. Beautiful family - even the dog! :)