Monday, November 26, 2012

Miscellaneous Monday

It has been a while since I have done a random post.  I had something else planned for today but I couldn’t get my act together for it today.  Don’t worry it will be coming later this week!  Since we are all recovering from a cold over here I will leave you with this randomness!

  • Hail to the Redskins!! Woohoo beat the cowboys on Thanksgiving what fun!
  • We started our Christmas book countdown and Sammy  is beyond thrilled to open a book each night!
  • I made my best batch of mashed potatoes ever on Friday.. so delicious!
  • We started a 1,000 piece Christmas puzzle with Tim’s family on Friday night and we are about 50% done!  I can’t wait to hang it on the wall for the holidays!
  • Tim and I are going to a fancy dinner with his company tomorrow night. Sammy is spending the night with his Aunt!  It should be a fun night for everyone!
  • I need to get my Christmas activities planned out and start putting them into place so I don’t miss something I wanted to incorporate this year!
  • I am usually done with my Christmas shopping by now and I haven’t even started yet this year!  I hope to get it finished really soon so I can sit back and enjoy the fun of the holidays with out rushing around!
  • I can’t wait to start decorating for Christmas!  Have you started decorating?
  • There is a local radio station that plays Christmas music 24/7 from Thanksgiving until Christmas (or maybe New Years).  We have been listening everyday!
  • I stayed up wait to late reading last night.. it was an intense part of the book and then I couldn’t sleep for a few hours!
  • I need to read The Hobbit before the movie comes out!  I am excited to see the movie!!
  • I always feel like I have more random thoughts rolling around in my head but when I sit down to write them they are gone!
  • I haven’t been making many crafts but I hope to make a new wreath for the door this year.  if I get that done I will share a picture with you :-)


melismama said...

WOW girl busy mind! Love The Hobbit, book!

Love the book idea too 8)

aurie good said...

You have a lot going on! Have a great time at dinner - it's so wonderful to have an adult's night out now and then. Ken wants to see the Hobbit as well so I'm sure we'll be hitting the moving theater in December as well :)

Theresa Mezo said...

Yay for a date night for you & Tim! :)
We've had our decorations up for a week now.. I couldn't take Aidan's whining anymore! ;)

amanda said...

yay for random mondays - i think they were going around today!!

but all i am focusing on from your post is the mashed potatoes!! yum!!

Dawn @ Our Little Monkeys said...

Mmmm, mashed potatoes!

You are so on top of things with your Christmas books! Sammy is sure to have a LOT of fun! :)

I have a stack of books, but I haven't even attempted to wrap them yet. Guess I'd better get on that!

We haven't done much Christmas shopping yet, either. I'm finished with every kid gift that we need to buy, but haven't even started on the adults!

Are you doing handmade gifts this year? You always come up with such neat ideas!

Our trees are up (a small one in the front window & a bigger one in our living room, which is at the back of the house). No outside decorations yet, though.

I love your random's like a little piece of your thoughts :)

Jenny said...

random thoughts always leave when you go to the computer! same here.

mashed potatoes...yummy!

christmas decorating done..are you guys cutting down your tree this year?

have fun at your dinner!

Natalie said...

We also have a Christmas station too...and I have done zero Christmas decorating :(

Lisa @ Our Country Road said...

We are done decorating-just the tree. I can't handle keeping little fingers away from more then the ornaments, lol! I don't know if I'll wrap them, but I'm trying the Christmas book countdown like you! I need to get some more books :)

Clare said...

you'll have to let me know about the hobbit book, not sure if i would like it! can't believe that puzzle, that is fast!