Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Photo Dump - January

My new page a day calendar for this year.  It’s a nice brain activity in the morning:

2014-01-03 08.44.31

Sammy got strep throat again. This time his only symptom was his heart going into SVT.  Strep does a number on his system!

2014-01-07 18.28.52

I got a juicer and enjoyed my first green juice.  I need to take it out and use it more frequently!

2014-01-10 11.19.41

Sammy’s heart went into SVT again and we went to the ER to get an EKG of his heart.  It was fast but normal when we were there. We now have a heart rate monitor so we can see how fast his heart is beating.  It hasn’t happened since then so it is most likely related to Strep.

2014-01-10 13.57.30


Out on a date *wink*:2014-01-17 20.57.33

Sammy has been learning chess at co-op this semester and loving it:

2014-01-21 17.35.50

Sammy cheering on Nicia at her basketball game:

2014-01-28 18.44.23

Sammy and his pillow pet:

2014-01-30 10.54.20

We attempted to get a cavity filled.. Sammy had a tough time relaxing even while on laughing gas.  I think this is all related to when he got sick in the fall.  We now have an appointment to get the cavity filled while under mild sedation so that it is a positive experience instead of negative.

2014-01-30 14.27.58

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Photo Dump–December

Yes, I realize I am ridiculously behind on these posts.  I will be catching up over the next few weeks! 

Our homeschool group had an 80s Christmas Party.  They did an 80s rendition of Charlie Brown’s Christmas.  It was hilarious: 

2013-12-01 19.41.04

Sammy loved his Lego advent calendar.  This will definitely be a new tradition for a while:

2013-12-02 08.20.08

Working on his logic page.  This was definitely his favorite school thing this year:

2013-12-02 08.57.27

We used stickers to cover up the words he had read.  This helped him see his progress and be encouraged to keep going!

2013-12-02 10.16.42

Puppy snuggles:

2013-12-02 23.25.40

I had stolen and was using Sammy’s quilt a lot this past winter:

2013-12-03 13.07.25

Yoda Sammy at my nephew’s birthday party:

2013-12-07 13.19.40

There are no words for this poor snowman:

2013-12-13 11.10.15

Investigating snowflakes:

2013-12-14 12.27.17

The puppies were put on the naughty list for pulling the stuffing out of their bed:

2013-12-20 15.22.25

Tim passed out with Peach on his lap:

2013-12-20 23.40.48

Sammy passed out on the way home from my parents house on Christmas Eve:

2013-12-24 09.04.06

The funny pillow at my parents house:

2013-12-24 10.03.00

My mom wearing her crazy Christmas hat while making gravy.  I was watching to see how to make gravy since I stink at making it!

2013-12-24 11.59.53


2013-12-24 13.30.37

Friday, April 4, 2014

Weekly Wrap-up–March

Sadly, I did a terrible job of taking pictures last month. So here is the very few pictures I was able to get during our school time.  We did a lot more work than this but I still wanted to share what I did get!


Sammy is learning how to subtract in Horizons 1.  I pulled out our Math-U-See blocks to make his page of problems more fun and help him memorize a few facts.  He still doesn’t have very many memorized.  Using flash cards doesn’t seem to be helping so I am at a loss on how to help him memorize those facts.  Anyone have some suggestions?



In science we had been talking about matter.  We discussed that matter is made up of different atoms.  Then our science curriculum had us see what happens when you mix certain atoms.  We had never done a baking soda/vinegar reaction before and Sammy was delighted with what happened:

March 2014

We moved on to our light and sound unit.  Sammy put together his top that he will use through out this unit.  He cut out the sticker that you put on top of one of those mini CDs.  Then when you spin the tops the colors mix to make other colors.  He things this is so cool!



I realized we were a little behind on our art lessons.  So we are getting caught up on those.  In this art lesson we talked the country Mexico and made  ponchos in traditional colors and and designs.  Here they are while they are drying:


Here is Sammy’s after he cut the fringe on his poncho. 


I really need to do a better job taking pictures because I love getting to look back on all that we have done and get great ideas from everyone! 

Homegrown Learners

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Raddish [A Review]

I was contacted by Raddish and I was immediately excited about doing a review for them.  Their mission is to bring families together at the table and in the kitchen!  How awesome is that?  I immediately asked if I could do a review because I know a lot of you all want to do just that!

A few days later this beautifully packaged box showed up at my house:

2014-03-15 14.55.22

Sammy and I have had a blast working our way through most of the recipes.  His favorite was by far the Mac and Cheese Cupcakes!  The only thing we didn’t try was the Chocolate Volcano Cakes since Sammy doesn’t like chocolate and I don’t feel like it is something I need to work on him trying and liking *winks*.  However, Melissa and her cuties baked them up and they look amazing.  You can check out her review here.

Raddish is a monthly subscription service and each month you get three recipes to try that focus on a certain kitchen skill.  This months skill was whisking.  Sammy has been making scrambled eggs for a while so I knew he knew how to do it, however, he was so much more effective with a smaller whisk.  I certainly saw improvements in his skills while working on the recipes. 

One thing I loved is that all of the papers that are used in the kitchen are a laminated cardstock.  So, when something is spilled on them you can quickly wipe it off.  Being the mom of a very messy boy this is very helpful!  I also love that they have the shopping list with all of the supplies for that months recipes:


Sammy loved that he could read the recipes!  They have words and pictures and he had no problem telling me what each step was.  He also loved that he was allowed to do the steps without much assisting from me!


Each box also includes 2 activities to do together.  The theme for this month was science!  One of Sammy’s favorite was an activity about popcorn (this might be because it is one of his favorite snacks)!  First, you counted the number of un-pop popcorn kernels you could fit inside of a circle.  We could 45 kernels in ours.  DSC_0025DSC_0028

Then it told you how to pop the popcorn on the stove (Sammy completed this with just a little help).  Then you count how many kernels fit into the circle once they were popped.  Sammy’s biggest challenge was not eating the pieces that were suppose to go into the circle!!


Here is what the activity card looks like:


After completing this activity we talked about what makes the popcorn pop, defined the word expands and talked about how each popped kernel looks so different. 

In each subscription box there is also a super cute patch you can iron onto the apron once you have learned the skill for that month.  Sammy loves the apron because it has pockets!  I love it because it is super high quality and big enough it will fit Sammy for a while!

My overall opinion of Raddish is that they have made an amazingly high quality product.  It is fun for kids and parents and it certainly brings families together.  I love that they have recipes that might be out of a child’s comfort zone.  This encourages them to try things like kale since they put the work into making it!! I would certainly recommend this product and would say it would make a great gift for grandparents to give to their grandchildren.  They will get something fun in the mail each month and build family unity! 

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Spring Fun List

Spring Fun List from @bytesofmemory

  1. Make homemade bubble solution
  2. Robin footprint picture
  3. Make a bubble snake maker
  4. Put yarn out for the birds to use in their nests
  5. Dye Easter Eggs
  6. Tie dyed coffee filter Easter eggs
  7. Play with one of Sammy’s science kits
  8. Make bath paints to play with in the tub
  9. Tape resist Easter eggs
  10. Shoot Sammy’s bow and arrows
  11. Easter egg lunch hunt
  12. Make Resurrection rolls
  13. Go on an Easter egg hunt
  14. Make a Lego marble maze
  15. Try a new playdough recipe
  16. Go fishing
  17. Have a fire pit
  18. Make tinfoil packet dinner
  19. Have a yardsale
  20. Repaint and decorate Sammy’s room
  21. Create a spring chalk pastel picture
  22. Go on a field trip to a farm
  23. Go on a field trip to a recycling center
  24. Redecorate Sammy’s Room
  25. Go strawberry picking